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Welcome to Superior Parts

Superior Parts, manufacturer of aftermarket parts, replacement & spare parts is dedicated in serving the industrial hardware stores, construction supply houses, automotive distributors, tool stores, tool repair stores, and various OEMs with quality products and value.
Latest News |
  •    June, 2017: SP 851539Q | For Bostitch nailers, clipping tools and clinching tools, Superior Parts offers SP 851539Q Aftermarket O-Ring that replaces Bostitch 851539
  •    June, 2017: SP 886-437 | Now offering premium quality Superior Parts SP 886-437 Aftermarket Piston Driver for Hitachi N5010A to replace Hitachi 886-437
  •    June, 2017: SP 876-316 | Available in 2 pc/pack, Superior Parts SP 876-316 is a high quality aftermarket O-Ring set (S-7) for NT65 / NR83A2 (AL83A-35A) nailers
  •    June, 2017: SP 878-170 | Premium quality aftermarket valve rubber cover for Hitachi NV45AB, NV45AB2, NV45AB2(S), NV45AE
  •    June, 2017: SP 877-711 | Superior Parts offers premium aftermarket replacement bumper for Hitachi NV65AC, NV75AG, NV85AG, and NV83A3 Nailers
  •    June, 2017: SP 883-452Q | Now in stock Superior Parts high quality aftermarket gasket for Hitachi NR65AK, NV75AG, NV85AG, NR65AK2, NR65AK2(S) Nailers
  •    May, 2017: In stock high quality aftermarket compression spring for Hitachi NV45AB, NV45AB2, NV45AB2(S), NV45AE roofing nailers
  •    May, 2017: Premium quality aftermarket cylinder cap seal unit for Max SN883 & SN890 series now available
  •    April, 2017: Superior Parts now offers premium quality aftermarket o-rings and gaskets fot Hitachi and Max nailers
  •    March, 2017: Roll Pin D3 x 18 for Hitachi NR83A2 / A2(S) / A3 / NT50AE2 / NR90AD nailers is in stock in 10 pack

Featured Products


FN83A Aftermarket Donut Flush Nailer for Hitachi NR83A, NR83A2, NR83A2(S) & Porter Cable FR350A Framing Nailers


This aluminum flush nailer is a high quality adjustable flush nailer. It can be attached to the nose of the nailer either by set screws (includes allen wrench) or Thumb wing nuts.


G877 Aftermarket O-Ring Kit Fits Hitachi NR83 + NV83 Guns


Aftermarket O-Ring Kit is compatible with Hitachi NR83 + NV83 Guns.


GS1 Aftermarket Gasket Set for Hitachi NR83 & NV83 Series Nail Guns


Aftermarket Gasket Set for Hitachi NR83 & NV83 Series Nail Guns.


Superior Parts is dedicated to serve the construction and tool trades with quality products and services.