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Superior Parts G845

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Superior Parts G845

Aftermarket O-Ring Kit Fits Hitachi NV45AA, NV45AB, NV45AB2, NV45AC, NV45AE and NV45AB2(S) Nailers

Product category:  O-Rings & Gaskets

Model number:   G845

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Product Description

Aftermarket O-Ring Kit Fits Hitachi NV45AA,NV45AB,NV45AB2,NV45AC,NV45AE and NV45AB2(S) Nailers. This Kit consists pack of 2 for each of the 15 O-Rings listed below.

Kit Includes:

Part NumberCompatible Model
SP 872-645NV45, NV83 and NT65
SP 872-821NV45
SP 876-161NV45 and NT65
SP 876-167NV45 and NT65
SP 877-123NV45 and NT65
SP 877-124NV45 and NT65
SP 877-125NV45
SP 877-126NV45 and NT65
SP 877-763NV45, NR90 and NT65
SP 877-764NV45
SP 884-112NV45,NV83 and NT65
SP 885-793NV45
SP 875-638NR83 and NV45
SP 876-174NV45 and NT65 
SP 874-820NV45 and NR83